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Here's a chance to engage in the work virtually. I've enjoyed being featured in artist talks and roundtables. I am grateful for the walkthroughs that share the gallery experience with those who cannot attend in person.

Opulent Mobility 2022  exhibit walk through

Opulent Mobility 2022 exhibit walk through

A detailed walk through of Opulent Mobility 2022, curated by A. Laura Brody and Anthony Tusler. This annual, international art exhibit asks artists to re-imagine disability as opulent and powerful. The show ran October 9- November 4 at AVC Art Gallery in Lancaster, CA and is now online at www.opulentmobility (dot) com. Participating Artists: A. Laura Brody, Kat Chudy, Katlin Combs, Kellie Gillespie, ju90, Bronte Grimm, Ash Hagerstrand, David Isakson, Judith Klausner, Ellen Mansfield, Lisa Merida-Paytes, *Katherine Sherwood, Annelies Slabbynck, Misty Stokes, and Rachel Ungerer. *online only "Antelope Valley College Art Gallery is pleased to present Opulent Mobility, which gives voice to artists re-imagining disability as opulent and powerful. This group exhibition brings together fifteen local, national, and international contemporary artists, working in a range of visual media, each of whom produce works around their narrative and experiences based on the systemic structures and representations surrounding the labels of disability. Their visual interpretations are a powerful reminder that accommodation, understanding, and appreciation is important for social justice, but there is also a unique wisdom from those with disabilities that should be heard, empowered, and lifted up." Many thanks to Larissa Nickel at AVC Gallery, LA Art Documents, Heidi Marie Photography, Anthony Tusler, Teri Grossman for audio descriptions, McKerrin Kelly for voice over, Amber Jobin for Melusine's custom perfume, and all the artists of Opulent Mobility past, present, and future. You are amazing.
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